Custom painted Arai GP-7 for Car and Driver Magazine // Feb. 2021 Cover Issue – Lightning Lap No. 14 // A tribute to David Bowie with custom mixed pink pearl and pearl white with micro-flake with his iconic lightning bolt.


“If Mr. Bowie were to ever put on a racing helmet, I felt it was highly unlikely he would ever wear something with a “traditional” paint job. So I did some research and went through countless historical photos of his iconic outfits, both on and off stage, and I found him wearing a type of “dazzle cam” pattern. This type of pattern-work is also used on concept vehicles that haven’t been unveiled yet, but always create a buzz – so I thought to myself, this would be a perfect way to blend the two together; The wild and memorable persona of Mr. Bowie, and the automotive sports car industry – and came up with what you see here. It was an honor to be a part of this project and work with such an iconic automotive/sports car magazine” -Daniel