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Helmet Design Templates

Have some ideas you want to get on paper? Feel free to download a free template.
Or, contact us directly and we’ll collaborate on your next design together.

*Refer to the Process page on how to get started.

Choose Your Colors

PPG Paints, House of Kolor, & Auto Air Colors are primarily used, providing clients with virtually an infinite supply of color choices. All helmets are then clear coated with your choice of premium hi-gloss or matte clear coat, or a combination of both. Click here to better understand the infinite paint and finish options available to you.

  • Helmet Chroming is available.
  • Sparkles/Flakes may be incorporated to almost any color.
  • You may also request your own specific color code. Additional costs may apply.
  • Auto Racing & Karting helmets will also come with your choice of colored rubber trims by Antman Custom Trix INCLUDED in every quote.
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