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F.A.Q. //

How much will it cost to paint my helmet?

Pricing is completely dependent on the complexity of your unique design and the paint, effects, and finish you choose to go with. If you have a design in mind or wish to work together to create a concept, contact us directly and we’ll provide you with an official quote for your unique design requests. Or, your may review our Price Guide to estimate the cost of your helmet design.

Do you offer any sponsorships?

You are already receiving a personally designed racing helmet that is unique only to you, and the amount of time and dedication it takes to create it is substantial. While we would love to support each racer financially, we unfortunately do not offer any sponsorships.

How long does it take to paint my helmet?

There are periods of time throughout the season where wait times are longer. This is typically during the beginning of the year just prior to the racing season, and around the holidays. Wait times tend to be shorter during the tail end of summer/ fall. Depending on the design and time of year, your wait time can be anywhere between  2-8 weeks. We operate on a first come – first serve basis, so please plan accordingly. Your estimated turnaround time will be provided to you at the time of your deposit.

Can you paint a used helmet?

Of course! While we encourage new glossy helmets for the best results, we are able to paint used helmets with minor rock chips. If you are sending us a used racing helmet for paint, a prep fee will be assessed depending on how much work will need to be done to get it ready for a beautiful new finish.

Do you chrome helmets?

Of course! Chroming a race helmet is the premier choice in today’s racing helmet designs. If you are wishing to add chrome to your paint design, a NEW-IN-BOX helmet must be used due to the chroming process. No exceptions. This is because any flaw in your paint will be 100x worse when it’s chromed.

Do you paint replicas?

No, we do not paint replicas. We specialize in original designs only. We will be more than happy to adapt a concept that is unique to you based on current designs you admire, but we will not replicate anyones helmet.

Can I change my design or add something after painting has begun?

Of course! Veneratio Designs strives for you to be happy with your new helmet! However, additional fees will be applied for adding/changing a design mid-process due to many variables including design re-scheduling, design time, materials, and paint. It is strongly advised you tell us exactly what you want at the beginning of the process to save you time and money.

How is return Shipping Handled?

When your helmet nears completion, you will be contacted for final payment preparations and we can get you a shipping quote and add that towards your balance. Once your remaining balance clears our account, your new custom painted helmet will be boxed up and shipped back to you.