Custom Helmet Painting and Design Process

Step 1 // Design Specifications & Pricing

CUSTOM TAILORED // We will custom paint a helmet that is tailored to your design requirements based on the unique style and expression of the Veneratio Designs brand. You will be provided with insight on the finest paints & colors, design elements, and any ideal branding placements to fit your professional motorsport needs. Once we confirm your specific requirements you will be presented with an official quote.  A 50% deposit of your official quote plus any helmets & accessories is all that’s required to begin working on your concept. Pricing is dependent on the complexity of each unique design, paint, effects, and finish you wish to incorporate. You may also review the Price Guide for more information.

Step 2 // Concept Design

Once your deposit is received, the design process will begin. You will be presented with a concept tailored to your unique design requirements with a chance to make revisions and fine tune any details.

NOTE: Both your deposit AND your helmet must both be received to secure your spot in line as it’s first come-first-serve. If you are purchasing a helmet through the studio then your spot in line is secured at the time of your deposit (unless your helmet is on backorder). Please see FAQ for helmet requirements for paint.

Step 3 // Painting

Once your concept is approved by you, the painting process will begin. We take the utmost care in helmet preparation and strive to maintain the highest standards in quality in order to produce premium & professional results. You will also be provided with a sneak-peak/behind-the-scenes updated when your helmet is apx. half-way finished being painted.

Custom helmet paint and design by Veneratio Designs
Custom painted Arai GP-7

Step 3 // Final Payment and Delivery

When your helmet is finished it will be professionally photographed and you’ll receive detailed photos for your records. A return shipping quote via UPS will also be provided at the time of completion. For international clients we ship via FEDEX or DHL – whichever has the lower cost at the time or whichever you prefer. Once the remaining balance is paid in full, your new custom painted helmet will be shipped home for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions regarding your next design or our painting process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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