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About the Company

Veneratio (Ven • Er • Ah • TEE • Oh) // Latin // great respect – honor.

Veneratio Designs, LLC combines many years of design and motorsports experience into one entity that strives to paint the finest quality racing helmets for racers around the world. From computer concept to production, your ideas will become a reality. Dedication, focus, and the highest quality paints on the market are what’s applied to each design in order to produce a helmet that is truly sharp and professional.

Custom Painted Racing Helmets by Veneratio Designs

About the Artist

I fell in love with racing early on when I was racing shifter karts as a young boy, primarily at PKRA in Phoenix, Arizona. Though growing up led me to other things, such as a career in graphic design & marketing in the aviation industry, as well as becoming a US Marine, I always had a huge passion for motorsport. A neighbor of mine saw me painting a helmet of mine, just for fun because I was looking at getting back into racing, and asked me to paint his. He was so happy with it that he invited me to Sebring for his next race and introduced me to some of his racing buddies… and it pretty much took off from there.

Designing something from scratch and having someone appreciate it is beyond rewarding. It’s exciting to work with clients from all over the world in all forms of racing, and be able to combine my two greatest passions of motorsports and design. Helmet painting is a unique form of art & expression that represents a racers identity, and I take pride in striving to produce the best quality racing helmets in the sport.

Like a custom tailored suit that represents professionalism and class, each helmet is designed with quality and precision. I want every one of my clients to not only look sharp, but to be proud of their new helmet everywhere they go.