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About the Company

Veneratio (Ven • Er • Ah • TEE-Oh) // Latin // great respect – honor.

Veneratio Designs, LLC combines many years of design and motorsports experience into one entity that strives to paint the finest quality racing helmets for racers around the world. From computer concept to production, your ideas will become a reality. Dedication, focus, and the highest quality paints on the market are what’s applied to each design in order to produce a helmet that iconically represents each racer’s identity on the racetrack.

Custom Painted Racing Helmets by Veneratio Designs

About the Artist

I’ve spent many years as a concept designer, both in the motorsports and aviation industry. Growing up I raced shifter karts and sportbikes and I’m excited to be able to combine my greatest passions of speed and design. My ethic of hard work & dedication comes from my military experience in the Marines where I completed 2 tours of combat, learning first hand the real meaning of Respect and Honor – the foundation principles of the Veneratio brand. After the Marines, I then went back to school and earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. By chance, the campus happens to be on the same property as Daytona International Speedway – where I spent a great deal of time in between classes watching Test-N-Tune’s, and races on the weekends.

Like a custom tailored suit that represents professionalism and class, each helmet is designed with quality and precision. I want every one of my clients to not only look sharp, but to be proud of their new helmet everywhere they go.